Divine Profits Quiz

Are you running the business your soul wants you to?

If you’re like most change agents and transformational entrepreneurs, chances are you yearn to make a massive difference in the world while ALSO making a great living Yet, like many, you may not be clear on what steps you can take to create a business that serves the world while still honoring who you are an making the most of your gifts without selling out just to make a buck!

This is exactly why I’ve created the Divine Profits Quiz!  In as little as 4 minutes you’ll not only discover the areas where you are in alignment and doing well, you’ll also pinpoint those areas that really need your attention in order to allow you to make a bigger difference AND more money with more ease, serve more people while still having a life and ultimately to do your part in creating a better world.

But we won’t stop there! After taking this quiz, check your inbox right away. There you will find a summary of your results and some important next steps I’m suggesting you take based on where you are on your path to running the Business in Your Soul® and creating Divine Profits.

0 = I haven't given this area any attention.
4 = I would benefit from some growth in this area.
7 = It feels like I am doing pretty well here.
10 = I've got this piece mastered!

I. Meaning

1. I am totally clear on what my soul is calling me to do and I'm doing it!

2. Making a specific difference is more important to me than how much money I make.

3. People get what I stand for without me having to explain too much.

4. I have found the ideal balance between profit and service.

5. There is no other way I'd rather spend my days than they way I am currently.

II. Messaging

1. I know exactly what people most want to buy from me and why.

2. I am able to communicate the journey I take clients on in a way that people easliy understand.

3. I know the exact type of client that I can best serve and only work with those clients.

4. I am able to consistently inspire action (makes sales!) with my message.

5. The visual expression of my work (brand) is on point and clear.

III. Mindset

1. I feel that my business is an expression of my Divine Assignment.

2. I use my intuition to support the logical steps I take in my business.

3. I believe in my ability to be a leader in the transformation I provide.

4. My thoughts are congruent with my values and my vision at all times

5. I know without a doubt that I will be successful in my transformational business.

IV. Mechanics

1. My business is designed to honor who I am as a unique individual.

2. My business systems and processes are an accurate reflection of who I am.

3. There is a natural progression to my programs an offerings that clients can easily understand.

4. I have effective structures in place to attract and convert my ideal clients consistently.

5. I know exactly what to do next in order to fulfill on my mission and vision.

V. My Commitment

1. I am ready to discover what I need to do make my business a Divine Profits business.

2. I am open to investing in support and guidance to align my profit with my purpose.

3. I highly value the opportunity, if eligible, to book a Divine Business Alignment session and would schedule one soon.

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